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John Laub is a faith-based motivational speaker known for delivering powerful and inspiring messages to his audiences. John has a unique ability to bring to life stories that are filled with real world examples, allowing his message of hope and resilience to deeply resonate with listeners.

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John Laub’s experience as a faith-based motivational speaker and coach has been extremely valuable in motivating people to achieve the life they desire. John speaks from his own experiences with the guidance of scripture to illustrate how we can better live our lives.

Once I learned to Proverbs 16:3 my goals and focus, everything changed! – John Laub

Proverbs 16:3 “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”

He also provides practical tools to help his audience apply what they have heard into their daily lives. John draws upon his vast spiritual knowledge and extensive educational accomplishments to provide real-world solutions for more intentional living and success in all aspects of life.

guidance in all areas of life

awaken your true potential


Clarity in your purpose and objectives: Get clear and specific goals that will change your life and push your growth.

effective leadership

New confidence will help you break through limitations as John's coaching gives you new tools to help empower and inspire others.

physical health

Your energy will be renewed when you are held accountable in reaching your physical goals that will bring you to your best.


Taking inventory on your emotions and relationships so you can develop the courage to expand your passion for others.


Guidance by John that will increase the accountability on reaching your goals.

god-centered awakening

Develop habits that will help you handle adversity and life challenges, as well as propel you to a higher level through the Word of God.

self development

The greatest investment you can make is in YOU! The key to a masterful life is to keep working on you!


Find out what you need to improve to take your business to the next level.

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John is passionate about his work and strives to ensure that his clients get the best possible outcomes by equipping them with the right tools along the journey. He understands the benefits of having someone alongside you encouraging growth, so his focus is on helping guide each individual with tailored strategies and positive support in order to achieve their desired goals.

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happy students

Paul and Kim Reed Reed Enterprise

"We have known John for many years now, and throughout that time, he has always impressed us with his exceptional leadership qualities and his unwavering faith. Recently we held our annual event and hired John to lead to speak. We knew he would be a perfect fit for our attendees filled with entrepreneurs as well as people looking to elevate their lives. Just like when we first saw John speak at another conference, he did not disappoint. His speeches are impactful, insightful, and mesmerizing. He captivated our crowd and engaged them from start to finish which left an impression on all of us. His value as a public speaker and representation of our organization is unparalleled."

Mack Brock Musician

"John Laub has been a close personal friend of mine for over a decade now. He is someone that has walked through a lot of life with me… from big life changes, to the day-to-day routines. He has always been someone I could count on to process whatever was going on in my life. He’s one of the best leaders I know. John is a rock. "

Jeff Richfield Owner and Founder
Music City Roofers

"John Laub "pulled the cat out of our hat" so much that after his first visit we doubled our output and had him come back monthly to raise up new standards in our sales team's awareness and KPI went through the roof. His tender heart plus his win-win inspirational attitude is why he has been coined as, 'Johnny Inspire!'"


"John's has been my host and motivational speaker at my annual conference, Win The Storm, for 7 years. He is not only a great guy but keeps everyone motivated, awake, and engaged. I highly recommend John if you are looking for a Motivational Speaker or Host."

Jack Brewer The Jack Brewer Foundation

"John Laub and I have not only been friends since my rookie season with the Minnesota Vikings 2 decades ago but he has embodied the mission of the Jack Brewer Foundation, as an example of leadership and a voice to the fatherless. Since John has transitioned from an entrepreneur to a Faith-based Motivational Speaker and Coach I have asked him to speak at both the Jack Brewer Foundation events as well as at our Serving Ministries events. He has spoken at our chapel to the kids, at the prison to the incarcerated, and to our donors at our Gala’s. He has a spirit-filled unique way of connecting with everyone, young or old, rich or incarcerated. We have teamed up on missions to help hurricane victims as well as a mission trip to Haiti where I have seen John first hand work with kids and adults in impoverished areas. His unique blend of unwavering faith, magnetic charisma, and heartfelt compassion has the power to ignite a fire within others, pushing them to exceed their limits. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a speaker for your next event, as his words are bound to captivate and inspire your audience."

Andrew Jurgens Owner/ Broker Titan Realty

"Working with John has done so much to guide me through difficult personal and professional transitions. His energy, compassion, and sense of humor have empowered me to grow my business and helped me find work/life balance. I am so grateful to have met John, and would recommend him to anyone seeking life coaching or mentorship."


"John Laub is a one of a kind communicator. His ability to connect with an audience and motivate them is exceptional. He has a great sense of humor and gives practical steps for life changing impact."

MIKE OWEN Founder of Alpha Connector

"John is one of the most inspiring and compelling speakers I've ever seen. His words truly make a difference when you hear him speak."

Frank Barbato Sinatra Family

"John Laub (Johnny Inspired) was an instrumental part in formulating a life plan for me to succeed not only in the music industry, but in my own personal life as well. I'm thankful for his faith based program and inspirational teaching that put me back on track in my business and in my life!"

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John’s services are tailored to individual needs and lead the way for continual personal growth. Whether it’s starting or managing career opportunites, developing relationships, or taking steps toward living a healthier lifestyle, John has the skillset necessary to help you pursue your goals and flourish in all areas of life. Taking advantage of John’s services gives oneself the resources they need to reach their highest potential.