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If you are planning your next meeting, annual conference, convention, or company event, you want your audience to be inspired and engaged – and ready to take action with new tools as they go and charge towards their goals. 

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Mack Brock Musician

"John Laub has been a close personal friend of mine for over a decade now. He is someone that has walked through a lot of life with me… from big life changes, to the day-to-day routines. He has always been someone I could count on to process whatever was going on in my life. He’s one of the best leaders I know. John is a rock. "

Jeff Richfield Owner and Founder
Music City Roofers

"John Laub "pulled the cat out of our hat" so much that after his first visit we doubled our output and had him come back monthly to raise up new standards in our sales team's awareness and KPI went through the roof. His tender heart plus his win-win inspirational attitude is why he has been coined as, 'Johnny Inspire!'"

Andrew Jurgens Owner/ Broker Titan Realty

"Working with John has done so much to guide me through difficult personal and professional transitions. His energy, compassion, and sense of humor have empowered me to grow my business and helped me find work/life balance. I am so grateful to have met John, and would recommend him to anyone seeking life coaching or mentorship."


"John Laub is a one of a kind communicator. His ability to connect with an audience and motivate them is exceptional. He has a great sense of humor and gives practical steps for life changing impact."

Edgar Lopez

Teaming up with John Laub has proven to be an invaluable collaboration in sculpting my aspirations for 2024. Leveraging his expertly designed system, coupled with the precision of his daily action planner, I've not only established clear objectives but also cultivated a daily routine that meticulously tracks my progress and keeps my goals at the forefront of my daily endeavors. John Laub's guidance has been instrumental in transforming my ambitions into tangible victories, making each day a purposeful step towards realizing my aspirations.

Paul and Kim Reed Designation

We have known John for many years now, and throughout that time, he has always impressed us with his exceptional leadership qualities and his unwavering faith. Recently we held our annual event and hired John to lead to speak. We knew he would be a perfect fit for our attendees filled with entrepreneurs as well as people looking to elevate their lives. Just like when we first saw John speak at another conference, he did not disappoint. His speeches are impactful, insightful, and mesmerizing. He captivated our crowd and engaged them from start to finish which left an impression on all of us. His value as a public speaker and representation of our organization is unparalleled.

Get Inspired

John is a Christian, a husband, a father, and a veteran. His travels in business and life have helped him realize his true purpose, and that is to help people reach their full potential. His inspirational words are backed by both his deep Christian faith and decades of wisdom from his traveled life, and he is passionate about using these experiences to inspire.

John Laub is the perfect motivational speaker if you are searching for a faith-based approach to personal growth and achieving more in all areas of your life. Let him empower your audience! 

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