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What do the programs offer?

  • Master Self-Confidence

  • Goal Clarity

  • One on One sessions with John

  • Free PDF copy of John’s Goal-Setting Mastery Program: Unleash the Light

  • Time Management Tools

  • Creating Work-Life Balance

  • Overcoming Procrastination

  • Stress Management



Unlock Your
God-Given Potential

If you find yourself in a position where you need to expand and make a change, then my new program is for you. My goal is to give you the tools, the strategy and the one on one time you need to develop your strategic plan and expansion in your life.

This program is for anyone who is interested in changing and setting up the trajectory of all areas of their life.

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Jack Brewer The Jack Brewer Foundation

"John Laub and I have not only been friends since my rookie season with the Minnesota Vikings 2 decades ago but he has embodied the mission of the Jack Brewer Foundation, as an example of leadership and a voice to the fatherless. Since John has transitioned from an entrepreneur to a Faith-based Motivational Speaker and Coach I have asked him to speak at both the Jack Brewer Foundation events as well as at our Serving Ministries events. He has spoken at our chapel to the kids, at the prison to the incarcerated, and to our donors at our Gala’s. He has a spirit-filled unique way of connecting with everyone, young or old, rich or incarcerated. We have teamed up on missions to help hurricane victims as well as a mission trip to Haiti where I have seen John first hand work with kids and adults in impoverished areas. His unique blend of unwavering faith, magnetic charisma, and heartfelt compassion has the power to ignite a fire within others, pushing them to exceed their limits. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a speaker for your next event, as his words are bound to captivate and inspire your audience."

Paul and Kim Reed Reed Enterprise

"We have known John for many years now, and throughout that time, he has always impressed us with his exceptional leadership qualities and his unwavering faith. Recently we held our annual event and hired John to lead to speak. We knew he would be a perfect fit for our attendees filled with entrepreneurs as well as people looking to elevate their lives. Just like when we first saw John speak at another conference, he did not disappoint. His speeches are impactful, insightful, and mesmerizing. He captivated our crowd and engaged them from start to finish which left an impression on all of us. His value as a public speaker and representation of our organization is unparalleled."


"John's has been my host and motivational speaker at my annual conference, Win The Storm, for 7 years. He is not only a great guy but keeps everyone motivated, awake, and engaged. I highly recommend John if you are looking for a Motivational Speaker or Host."

MIKE OWEN Founder of Alpha Connector

"John is one of the most inspiring and compelling speakers I've ever seen. His words truly make a difference when you hear him speak."